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本文摘要:C1.●calculate v. 盘算, 核算It has been calculated that …eg. It has been calculated that at least 47000 jobs were lost last year.(be) calculated to do sth. eg. The speech was calculated to win votes.2. call v. 叫;喊;打电话 a girl called Mary a girl


C1.●calculate v. 盘算, 核算It has been calculated that …eg. It has been calculated that at least 47000 jobs were lost last year.(be) calculated to do sth. eg. The speech was calculated to win votes.2. call v. 叫;喊;打电话 a girl called Mary a girl calling herself Mary call on call at sp. call for call up call off call in 3. calm adj. 镇静的、冷静的 calm downv.使镇静 keep calm 4. camp n.营 v.野营;宿营 summer camp 夏令营 go camping 去野营5. can 否认:cannot= can’t can’t help doing = can’t help but do 禁不住 can not…too… = can never…too… 越…越好/再…也不为过 You can never be too careful when crossing the street. 6. care n. 照料;保管 take care of 照顾、保管 take care (that)…当心 v. 在乎;介意 I don’t care. 我不在乎/我不放在心上。care for 喜欢;照顾 care about 体贴;在乎7. careful adj. 仔细的;小心的 be careful of… 当心,小心 listen carefully8. carry v. 拿;搬;运;背 carry on 继续、举行 carry out 实施、执行9. case n. 情况;案件;病例 in case +句子/in case of +名词 万一 in this/that case 如果这样/那样的话 in no case 绝不 as is often the case 事实往往如此 eg: As is often the case, women live longer than man. There are some cases where this method won’t work. 10. ◎cash n. 现金 pay in cash /by check vt. 兑现 ~ a checkcash in on…从...获得利润 The shop are cashing in on temporary shortage by raising prices. 11.●cast v. 扔,抛,撒cast your net wide cast about/ around for sth cast sb./ sth out cast sb./ sth aside be cast away be cast down cast sth off12. catch—caught—caught catch up with 遇上 catch sight of 瞥见 catch sb. doing 撞见/捉住某人做某事 catch one’s eye= attract one’s attention 引起某人注意;引人注目13.●cater v. 提供(承办)酒席,满足需求 cater for sth/sb : The class caters for all ability ranges. cater to sth/ sb: It catered for all tastes.14. cattle n. 牛(总称)单复同形 The cattle are in the shed. 牛在牛棚里。15. cause n. 原因、起因 cause and effect 因果 the cause of fire/cancer 火灾/癌症的起因 v. 引起;促使 The storm left, ____ a lot of damage to this area.16. ◎cautious adj. 审慎的 小心的 be cautious of/ about... caution n. 审慎 小心 with caution 小心地 vt. 警告...小心... caution sb. to do caution sb. against... 警告某人警惕 We were cautioned not to drive too fast.17. celebrate v. 庆祝 celebrate one’s birthday celebrate Christmas 18.◎central adj. 1) 中心的,中央的 central bank/government2) 主要的,首要的 play a central role in… 在…起着主导作用。

centre n. in the centre of the room v. centre on /upon/ round /around…把…当中心 使…成为中心19.◎ceremony n. 仪式,仪式 1) attend a wedding ceremony2) stand on ceremony 拘于礼仪 without ceremony 卤莽无礼,不拘礼仪20. certain adj. 确定的;无疑的 certainly adv. be certain of= be sure of 对…确信的 be certain to do =be sure to do 一定会、一定 make sure/certain of… 保证、弄清楚 * It is certain that… 21.◎challenge face/ take up a challenge 面临/吸收挑战challenging adj 具有挑战性的 a challenging job22. chance n. 时机;可能性 give sb. a chance 给…一次时机; take a chance/chances 冒险;碰运气by chance/accident 偶然; There is a/no chance that… 有可能/不行能…23. change v. 改变、变化; n. 变化;零钱(不行数) change…into… 把……酿成; change one’s mind 改变主意Great changes have taken place in China.There is no time to get changed before the party. Do you have any change on/with you ? 24.●characteristic adj. 奇特的 n. 特征 特点 a key characteristic of… 25. charge n./vt charge…for… 收/要价几多; charge sb. with sth/doing 指控某人做了get the phone charged 手机被充电; The soldiers were charging forward bravely.战士们勇敢地向前冲。take charge of 卖力、治理 in charge of 卖力; in the charge of 被/由… 卖力; free of charge 免费26. chat v./n. 谈天;闲谈 chat—chatted—chatted—chatting have a chat with sb. 与某人谈天; chat room 谈天室27. check v./ n. 检查;核对;修正; 支票 by check 用支票支付 辨析: check examine check 指核对某事物是否正确, examine 表检查、观察、审查等 check the answers check the mailbox 核实邮箱(看有没有信) examine your body/eyes examine the machine 28. cheer n./vi. 欢呼;喝彩A great cheer went up from the crowd.cheer sb on 为某人加油 cheer up 振作起来;兴奋起来 Cheers ! 配合碰杯29. ◎cheerful adj 兴高采烈的,兴奋地 a cheerful smile30. cheque= check(美) 支票 in cash 付现金 by check/cheque 用支票支付31. chicken c/n. 小鸡 u/n. 鸡肉 Would you like some chicken? 来点鸡肉怎么样? Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.不要在还没孵出小鸡之前先数鸡。(别指望过早;别打如意算盘)32. chief adj. 主要的;首要的 n. 首领;向导人 chiefs (复数)33. choice c/n. 选择;choose v. 选择 choose—chose—chosen make a choice /make choices 做选择 have no choice but to do 除了…别无选择 We chose Bill as chairman. There are a lot of books to choose from.34. Christmas Merry Christmas! on Christmas Eve; at Christmas 圣诞节期间 on Christmas 在圣诞节这天35. church go to church; attend church 去教堂做星期36. cinema 影戏院 go to the cinema 37. circle n. 圆圈 vi 围绕,盘旋 The plane circled over the airport before landing.38.●circulate v. 循环,流传,传阅circulate sth (to sb.) The document will be circulated to all members.39.●clarify v.澄清,阐明,使…..纯净 clarify a situation/ problem/ issueclarification n. seek clarification of 40. class after class; have classes; the first class 头等; the working class 工人阶级41.●classify把……分类为 classify…into… classify sb./ sth as … Only eleven of these accidents were classified as major.42. clean v. 扫除;弄洁净 clean up;clean the table/the roomadj. 清洁的43. clear adj. 清晰的 clear water; clear glass; a clear explanation; make oneself clearv 清除,放晴 clear away 雾烟等消散;clear up (天气)放晴;clearly adv.44. close vt. 关闭 adj. 近的;亲密的 adv. 近地 closely adv. 密切地;仔细地 watch closely 密切注视;仔细视察 a close friend; be/stand/get close to; close the door/eyes; with his eyes closed/openclose down 关闭、倒闭45. cloth u/c 布料,抹布; a piece of cloth; a table cloth;clothing u/n (总称) 衣服 a piece of clothing; an article of clothing clothes(pl.) 衣服;46. coast 海岸 on/along the coast 在岸上/沿岸 off the coast 离海岸不远的地方47. coffee a cup of coffee; a coffee/two coffees48. coin c/n Every coin has two sides. 事物皆有两面性49.●coincidence n.配合发生,巧合by coincidence what a coincidence a strange/ remarkable coincidence50. collect vt. 收集;搜集 collect stamps/stamp collecting 集邮 51.●collection收藏品 a stamp collection have a large collection of books52.●combine使团结,使联合 combine A with/ and B53. come came-came-come come up with 提出;想出 come across 偶遇; come about 发生,发生; come on 加油;快点;得啦 come true 实现; come up 走近;被提出;想起;发芽come out 出来;出书 54. comfort v. 慰藉 u/n 舒适 live in comfort 生活清闲; a comfort 令人慰藉的人或事 comfortable adj. live a comfortable life comfortably adv. live comfortably55.●command n.&v 下令,指挥,支配at /by one’s command get command of under one’s commandhave a good command of command sb. to do sth.command that clause (should do)56. ◎comment n. 评论 make a comment on /about sth vi comment on/ upon sth57.●commit犯, 干(坏事)等 commit murder/ suicide commit sb/ yourself to sth/ doing commit yourself (to sth): You don’t have to commit yourself now, just think about it.58. common a common mistake 常见错误; common practice 老例; common sense 知识 have much/a lot/ little/nothing in common; in common with… 和……一样59. ◎communicate vt 转达,通报(想法,情感,思想等) communication n He was eager to communicate his ideas to the group. vi 与某人交流(信息或消息,意见等),相同 communicate with sb60. company u/n. 来往;陪同 c/n. 公司 keep sb. company 陪同某人61. compare compare…with… 把…和…比力 ;compare…to… 把…比作… compared with/to (作状语) 与…相比 Compared with/to other people, he is fortunate.62.●compensate 赔偿,赔偿,弥补 compensate for sth compensate sb for sth 63. ◎compete vi 角逐,竞赛 competition n. compete with / against sb in sth for sth64. complete adj. 完整的 v. 完成、竣事 a complete story 完整的故事 complete the project completely adv. be completely destroyed 彻底破坏65. ●compromise妥协;折中,互让;息争agree on a compromise make a compromise with by compromisereach/ come to/ arrive at/ work out a compromise66.●compulsory强制的,义务的 It is compulsory for sb to do It is compulsory for all motorcyclists to wear helmets.compulsory education/ schooling compulsory purchase67. ◎concentrate v. 集中(思想等) concentration n I can’t concentrate with that noise going on. concentrate (sth) on (doing) sth 集中…做… I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finding somewhere to live68. ◎concern v 1) 让某人担忧 What concerns me is our lack of preparation for the change. 2) 与…有关 be concerned with 3) 体贴,记挂 be concerned about 4) 就…而言 as far as sb is concerned n. show a /no concern about concerning prep. 关系到, 涉及 He asked me several questions concerning the future of the company.69. concert 音乐会;演奏会 go to a concert a live concert 现场演奏的音乐会70. ◎conclude v 1) 竣事 conclude (sth)(with sth) He concluded by wishing everyone a safe trip home.2) 推断出conclude sth from sth What do you conclude from that? conclusion n. draw /reach /come to a conclusion 得出结论 in conclusion 总之,最后 In conclusion, I would like to thank you.71.●concrete,明确的,详细的 concrete floor concrete evidence72.●condemn vt. 谴责;判刑;宣告……有罪(与to连用) 迫使…接受(逆境),使…注定condemn sb/ sth for… condemn sb. to be condemned/ sentenced to…73. condition 状况;条件 in good/excellent/bad/poor condition 处于良好/极佳/糟糕的状况 out of condition 不在状况; living conditions 生活条件 * on condition that (连词) 如果;条件是 They agreed to lend us the car on condition that (only if) we returned it before the weekend.74. ◎conduct vt. 1) 引导,领导 conduct sb around sp 2) 实施,执行 conduct an experiment 3) 指挥 conduct a concert 4) 传导 conduct electricity 5) 举止,体现 conduct oneself n. 行为,举止75. ◎confident adj. be confident about/of sth confidence n. 1) gain/lose confidence 2) have confidence in sb/sth3) be in sb’s confidence 受某人信任,是某人的心腹4) take sb into your confidence 向某人吐露心田秘密76. ◎confirm vt. 证实,批准,确认confirm sth/ that/wh-Rumours of job losses were later confirmed.Has everyone confirmed (that) they are coming?Can you confirm what happened?77.●conflict : in conflict with78. ◎confuse vt 1)使糊涂,使疑惑 They confused me with conflicting accounts of what happened.2) 混淆 confuse A with/and B Be careful not to confuse quality with quantity. confusion n. 1) confusion about/over sth 困惑 There is a confusion about what the correct procedure should be.2) confusion between A and B 混淆 confusion between letters like “o” or “a”79. congratulation n祝贺名词常用复数 Congratulations to you ! congratulate v congratulate sb. on sth. 祝贺某人在某方面……80. connect v. 1) connect A to/with/ and B 使毗连,联络The towns are connected by trains and bus services.2) connect sth (to sth) 接通,使…毗连 First connect the printer to the computer.3) connect sb / sth (with sb / sth) , be connected with 与…有联系/关联 Theory is closely connected with practice.4)为某人接通电话 Hold on, please, I’m trying to connect you.81. ◎connection n. 毗连物,接触,联系 in connection with sb/ sth 与…有关A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the manager.82. ◎consequence n. 效果,结果;重要性,重大as a consequence /result in consequence 效果as a consequence /result of in consequence of 由于83. consider 1) 认为;把……看做; 2) 思量 1) consider sth/doing sth/wh- 思量 We are considering buying a new car. He was considering what to do next.2) consider sb/sth (as /to be) sth 认为 This award is considered (to be ) a great honor.3) sb be considered to have done sth 认为某人已经做了某事 Bell is considered to have invented the telephone.4) all things considered 从各方面看来,总而言之84.●considerate : It is considerate of him to wait. considering prep.85. ◎consideration n. 思量 take sth into consideration 思量到Taking everything into consideration, the event was a great success.All things _______ into consideration, I think his plan is practical.86. ◎consist vi 包罗,组成,组成 1) consist of 由…组成 The committee consists of ten members. 2) consist in 在于,存在于 The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings. consistent adj 一致的 be consistent with 与…一致87. ◎construction n. 制作,建设 be under construction 正在修建中 construct vt 1)制作,修建 construct a bridge 2) 建立 construct a theory 86. ◎consult vt 1) 咨询,请教 consult sb (about) sth 2) 与某人商量 consult (with) sb about/on sth 3) 查阅,查询 consult a dictionary88. contain v. container n. 容器,集装箱 1) 包罗/括 The book contains 12 units. 2)含有物质/身分Sea water contains a lot of salt. 3)容纳、装有 The envelope contained 500 dollars.89. content adj. 宁愿的,满足的;n.内容 be content with 满足于; be content to do 宁愿做某事 the content of the article 文章内容; read the contents of the book 读目录90. continue v. 继续 continue doing / to do / with91. ◎contrary adj. 相反的 Contrary to popular belief, many cats dislike milk. n. 相反,反而on the contrary 相反,反之92.●contribute v. 1) contribute (sth) (to/ towards sth) 募捐,捐赠 We contributed 5000 yuan to the earthquake fund. 2) contribute to 导致,有助于 Smoking contributes to lung cancer. 3) contribute (sth) (to sth) 撰稿,在集会或谈判期间讲话,揭晓意见 She contributed (a number of articles )to the magazine. We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion.93. ◎ contribution n. 孝敬,奉献 make a contribution to sth 对…做孝敬94. ◎ convenience n. 便利 at one’s convenience for one’s convenience convenient adj It is convenient for sb to do sth It is convenient to sb If (it is ) convenient95.●convey 传送,转达,表达 convey sth to sb convey sb/sth from …to…96.●convince 使确信,使信服 convince sb/ yourself of sth convince sb to do I have been trying to convince him to see a doctor.convinced adj. be convinced of/ that: I am convinced that she is innocent. I am convinced of her innocence.97. corner n. 街角; 逆境; vt使…落入圈套There is a hotel on / at the corner of the street.drive / force sb into a corner 把某人逼入逆境 round / around the corner 很近,在四周98.correct adj正确的,恰当的; vt纠正,修正I think you’ve made the correct decision. I spent all evening correcting essays.correctly adv. Have you spelled it correctly?99. cost n花费;价格,损失;vt需付费;使损失the high / low cost of housingshe saved him from the fire but at the cost of her own life.at all costs 不惜任何价格 You must stop the press from finding out at all costs.The hospital will cost 2 million dollars to build.That one mistake almost cost him his life.100. count v数数;重要 Every point in this game counts.count down 倒计时 count on sb/sth 依赖 I’m counting on you to help me.112.couple n.两人、物;几小我私家、物;一对伉俪 a young / an elderly coupleI saw a couple of men get out . We went there a couple of years ago.101. courage n. courageous adj take courage (from sth) 因某事而兴起勇气; lose courage102.course n.课程;航线;历程;一道菜take a course in art and design The plane was on/ off course.an event that changed the course of history The main course was roast duck.in course of sth 在…的历程中 in / over the course of 在…期间103.cover v.遮盖;笼罩;涉及,处置惩罚;足以支付;行走一段旅程;占一片面积;报道She covered her face with her hands.Much of the country is covered by forest.The survey covers all aspects of the company.Your parents will have to cover your tuition fees.$ 100 should cover your expenses.By sunset we had covered thirty miles.The park covers an area of 1000 square kilometers.She is covering the conference.104.crazy adj疯狂的,愚蠢的,很是气愤的;热衷于She must be crazy to lend him money.That noise is driving me crazy.Rick is crazy about football.like crazy/ mad 拼命地,疯狂地 We worked like crazy to get it done on time.105. ◎credit n. 1) on credit 赊购,赊欠 2) three credits 三个学分3) credit card 信用卡 4) to one’s credit 值得赞扬,使受尊重 ( Much/ Greatly) to his credit, Jack refused to accept the gift.106. cross v.穿越,横过;交织,交叠;adj生气的,恼怒的cross the mountains 翻过高山 She sat with her legs crossed.I was cross with him for being late.across prep. run across the road107. crowd n.人群; v.挤满,使拥挤Police had to break up the crowd.Crowds of people poured into the street.Thousands of people crowded the narrow streets.crowded adj拥挤的 In the spring the place is crowded with skiers.108. cruel adj残忍的; 引起痛苦的 be cruel to…Her father’s death was a cruel blow.cruelly adv. cruelty n109.●cure cure sb of sth; find a cure for…110.curious adj be curious about … be curious to do…curiously adv. curiousity n.111.custom n.民俗,习俗;小我私家习惯It is the custom in that country for women to marry young.It was her custom to rise early.112.cut v.have one’s hair cutHis salary has been cut by ten percent . 他的薪金淘汰了10%。

cut through 抄近路穿过;走近路cut down 砍倒;削减,缩小 We need to cut the article down to 1000 words.cut in 插嘴;打断 She kept cutting in on our conversation.cut off 停止,中断;割掉,砍掉; 切断…的去路,以外界阻遏Our water supply has been cut off.He had his finger cut off in an accident at work.The army was cut off from its base.cut up 切碎 He cut up the meat on his plate.cut sth out of sth 裁剪 She cut the dress out of some old materials.。